We pursue research and education in integrating engineering and computation strategies and technologies into biological studies to understand the mechanisms of basic cellular processes. We focus specifically on combining imaging with computation to quantitatively characterize and understand spatial-temporal cell dynamics.

Research Overview

Currently research is pursued within the follow areas:

  • Experimental and computational analysis of axonal cargo transport as a model of intracellular trafficking
  • Imaging-based mapping and analysis of spatial-temporal dynamics of cell signaling and the cytoskeleton
  • Molecular cell mechanics of the cytoskeleton
  • Advanced experimental and computational fluorescence imaging

Lab News

  • March 2015: Ge gave a talk titiled "Spatiotemporal control mechanisms of axonal transport revealed by image-based computational analysis and modeling" at the Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on Cell Dynamics and Models.
  • March 2015: For the second year in a row, papers of Hao-Chih and Jackie have been accpeted and selected for oral presentations at the 2015 IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, to be held in New York in April 15-19. Congratulations!
  • December 2014: Hao-Chih has been awarded a CIT Bertucci Fellowship. Congratulations!
  • December 2014: Yiyi has been awarded a CIT Ji-Dian Liang Fellowship. Congratulations!
  • August 2014: Jackie has been awarded an ICES-DOWD Fellowship. Congratulations!